Welcome to the website of the European MD/PhD Network.


The European MD/PhD Network aims to bring together students across Europe who are performing full-time scientific research in the context of a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) before, during or immediately after their medical training.  The European MD/PhD Network was established following the first European MD/PhD Conference in 2012 at University College, London (UCL). The second European MD/PhD Conference held in Paris further developed of a platform for European MD/PhD students to present data and share experiences, to promote the benefits of combining scientific research and medical training early on in your career and to improve awareness of MD/PhD programs amongst health professionals across Europe. The organising of a European MD/PhD Conference will be an annual event. The conference will be held in Switzerland in 2014.


The European MD/PhD Network is currently organised as follows:

1.       A national organising committee consisting of appointed national representatives of European countries that have MD/PhD programs

2.       A local organising committee based in the city where the European MD/PhD conference is to be held.


National representatives will represent the interest of MD/PhD students in their country and their contact details are listed in the contact page should you wish to get in touch with them. If you are an MD/PhD student and no national representative from the country where you study is listed, please contact us.


The yellow star in the European MD/PhD logo represents our spatial relationship with Europe. Furthermore, the triangles represent European local participators, while the lines of the triangles stand for the connections between all European places and MD/PhD students. All triangles together form a globe, which represents the coherence of the European MDPhD network. Only through all these connections are we able form the network that we currently are.